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About GSG

GUATE SHIPPING GROUP is an international logistics operator. It was founded in 2003 as an International Freight Agency, providing logistics services to the national and international market.

We have achieved the trust and loyalty of our clients being now a solid company and thanks to our experience and continuous development, we have the support and excellent relationships with shipping lines, airlines and carriers, which allows us to offer our clients an excellent service .

Projects Done
Clients Worldwide
Owned Vehicles
People in Team

Our services

Guate Shipping Group have available the following services:

Freight transport insurance

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We have the most comprehensive policy on the market, now, in addition, we compensate 100% of the sum claimed of the covered risk.

Visit us at our offices:

  • 4 Calle 21-17 Sector B2, Ciudad San Cristóbal, Mixco, Guatemala